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Number of Products to Shown on Magento Cart Sidebar

In order to choose how many products you want to allow to display on the Magento Cart Sidebar [Sidebar Mini My-cart], simply go to your Magento admin-panel, in System > Configuration > under Sales > Checkout > under Shopping Cart Sidebar, select the number of your choice in “Maximum Display Recently Added Item(s)”

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Add HTML Rich Text Editor Field in Joomla Module/Component

Let’s say that you are building a form in Joomla, but you need one of your fields to be an HTML text editor instead of a normal textarea, how do yo do that? Well, it’s very simple in Joomla – if you’re building the form using MVC (Model-View-Controller), and you want to add a field called Product Information then you will need to do is to add the following in your XML definition file located […]

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