Privacy Policy

JMInfotech is a company very strict about the privacy issues and hence do not need any personal information of website visitors. Visitors are allowed to browse complete website without providing any personal details. But in some situation we may need to request for your personal information.

JMInfotech  is always cautious about protecting the details or information received from other companies, individuals or any illegal usages. We utilize your details in order to communicate you and provide required company or service information. We do not disclose your personal or business information to any third party without your specific request and permission.

You are absolutely safe for browsing our website. There is no compulsion to provide any details and in case if you have provided any of your personal or business contact detail, we do not do any verification. We may use your information on prior permission for any online survey or research conducted by our company.

JMInfotech conducts periodic collection of domain information of its website visitors as a part of its analysis process to know website popularity, usability, performance and effectiveness. The data collected provides information about the type of visitors, popular web pages most visited, and how often our website is loaded. The analysis done does help us to improve our website productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction level. Please note that the domain information is collected automatically and requires no action from your side.

Please feel free to contact us for any queries